Technology and Intelectual Property

Second Generation of Non-replicative Adenoviral Vectors

Innovative Vector Design

Pioneering the development of second-generation non-replicative adenoviral vectors, employing a non-replicative and safely engineered Adenovirus 5-based vector (ΔE1 and ΔE3). Ensuring heightened safety standards and minimizing potential adverse effects.

Optimizely Targeting

Achieving High-immunogen expression on specific tissues and cell types through advanced Capsid Protein Engineering, including Fiber, Hexon, and Penton.

Optimized Immunogen Expression Cassettes

Rigorous selection of promoters, terminator, ex. for immunogen high expression in the target tissues.

Rational and AI-assisted Immunogen Design

In-depth Literature Analysis

Conducting a comprehensive professional literature analysis to inform and guide the rational design of immunogens.

Cutting-edge AI Assistance

Employing cutting-edge AI tools such as AlphaFold, RoseTTAFold, etc., to facilitate an AI-assisted immunogen design process.

Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Mechanics Evaluation

Employing Molecular Dynamics simulations and QM methods to assess the structural stability and behavior of designed immunogens.

Iterative Refinement Process

Combining insights from AI-driven methodologies with ongoing refinement based on Molecular Dynamics and Quantum Mechanics assessments.

Validation through Testing

Rigorous testing and validation of designed immunogens to ensure safety, efficacy, and compatibility with targeted tissues and cell types.

Accelerated Design Process

Streamlining immunogen design through the integration of AI, literature analysis, and advanced computational evaluations for expedited development of cutting-edge vaccine candidates.

Downstream and Upstream Development: Small Scale Setup

Processes Development

Establishing a small-scale setup for downstream and upstream development processes.

Preclinical Regulatory Acceleration

By being able to produce vaccine batches produced under scalable and transferable processes

Technology Transfer Optimization

Thanks to being able to develop and transfer production processes suitable for Industrial Production

Product Development Team

Assembling a dedicated product development team to drive innovation, regulatory compliance, and seamless technology transfer from early development to large-scale manufacturing.

Intelectual Property

Adenoviral vector-based vaccine for emerging viruses

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