Innovating Vaccines for a Healthy Future

Welcome to Vaxinz. We are dedicated to the development of innovative vaccines using non-replicative adenoviral vectors.

Our scientific endeavors are guided by a commitment to accessibility, particularly in the Southern Hemisphere. Our approach focuses on creating effective, scalable vaccine solutions to address the unique health challenges faced by these regions. At Vaxinz, we strive to bridge the gap in global health disparities through cutting-edge research and a steadfast dedication to global welfare.



At Vaxinz, our mission is to pioneer second-generation vaccines targeting respiratory and mosquito-borne infectious diseases prevalent in developing countries. 

While our initial focus was on creating a vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, we are now dedicated to expanding our vaccine platform to address diseases that disproportionately affect the Southern Hemisphere. By leveraging innovative technology and scientific expertise, we aim to develop vaccines that are not only effective but also accessible to populations in need, ultimately contributing to global health equity and resilience.


At VAXINZ, our primary focus lies in pioneering innovative vaccine solutions targeting mosquito-borne and respiratory infectious diseases. Leveraging cutting-edge biotechnology, we prioritize the development of vaccines to combat infectious diseases that are a problem in the southern hemisphere and that may become a global problem in the near future.

The Science

VAXINZ is a biotechnology company at the forefront of vaccine development, specializing in adenoviral-based vaccine platforms. Our proprietary platform is anchored on a replication-deficient human adenoviral vector meticulously engineered to enhance immunogenicity. Our goals encompass:

  • Single-shot Vaccine: We strive to develop single-shot vaccines for enhanced convenience and accessibility.
  • Balanced Immune Response: Our vaccines aim to foster a balanced TH1/TH2 immune response, ensuring comprehensive protection against targeted diseases.
  • Immunodominance: We meticulously select immunogens to ensure immunodominance, enhancing vaccine efficacy.
  • Reduced Side Effects: By employing lower vaccine doses, we mitigate potential side effects and minimize immune responses against the vaccine vector.

Through our unwavering commitment to scientific excellence and innovation, we endeavor to bring about transformative advancements in global healthcare, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more resilient world

Nuestro Equipo


Matías Vidal

Co-Founder and Executive Director


Dr Julian Maggini



Dr Osvaldo Podhajcer​

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Vaxinz, the Leloir Institute and CONICET signed an agreement for the development of a vaccine against SARS COV2