Research and Development

Redefining the landscape of vaccine innovation

At Vaxinz, the Research Team, in collaboration with our esteemed partners, is on a relentless journey to redefine the landscape of vaccine innovation. Our unwavering focus includes:


Advancing Adenoviral Vector Technology

Our Research Team is dedicated to extensive exploration and testing of modifications to adenoviral vectors. This initiative is driven by the pursuit of enhancing vector stability, productivity, and safety. A pivotal aspect of this endeavor is to proactively address potential challenges, such as loss of efficacy due to pre-existing immunity. Through this commitment, we ensure that our vaccines stand as pillars of robustness and resilience.


Rigorous Efficacy Testing and Immunogenic Characterization

Rigorous testing of the efficacy of our novel vaccine candidates is seamlessly paired with a comprehensive characterization of their immunogenic response. This extends to understanding both the nature and duration of the immune response generated. As a testament to our commitment to innovation, we have developed sophisticated tools, including our Pseudoviral Platform, to evaluate efficacy. This multifaceted approach empowers us to refine and optimize our vaccines, guaranteeing the elicitation of safe, potent, and precisely targeted immune responses.


Development of New Optimized Adenoviral Vectors

Building on the insights gained from our robust research initiatives, we embark on the development of new adenoviral vectors with improved profiles. These vectors, born out of meticulous research, promise advancements in performance, adaptability, and overall effectiveness. Our aim is to introduce vectors that represent the forefront of innovation in vaccine technology.

In essence, our Research and Development endeavors at Vaxinz are a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of possibility. By embracing innovation, rigorous testing, and the development of cutting-edge technologies, we are shaping the future of vaccine development, ensuring that our solutions stand as beacons of excellence in global health.